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Our Bulk SMS services is a reliable scalable text message delivery service that allows businesses, individuals, and other Bulk SMS resellers to connect and send SMS in bulk to their clientele via secure reliable network connection of our Mobile Network Partners. We work with all Mobile Networks.

This services caters to customer needs for SMS broadcast in areas such as marketing campaigns, promotional activities, special seasons greetings, political awareness/campaigns, result notifications, product advertisement, birthday and wedding invitations, child dedication services, recruitment campaigns of any type and so on.

Some of the obvious benefits are:

  • Instant and guaranteed delivery of message
  • SMS are sent through the reliable and secure Partner MNO SMS gateway
  • Competitive pricing and simple to use
  • Compliant with NCC policy on unsolicited messages
  • We can also train customers wishing to maintain and manage the Bulk SMS services by themselves.

    Our Bulk SMS is the leading SMS Gateway for Bulk SMS!

    To subscribe for Bulk SMS services, please contact us on info@dgenigeria.com or +234 812 382 3249

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